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Garage door openers

The basics on garage door opener types

and how the different types work with your garage door type.

The garage door opener is truly one of man kinds greatest inventions - well maybe not that great, but for day to day convenience they're hard to beat. Remember how common it was for people to use their garage for storing cars instead of household clutter. It wasn't all that long ago you would pull up in the driveway, get out, open the garage door, drive in, and then going back to close the door again.

Not anymore - the modern day garage door opener can be purchased for as little a little over $100. But convenience is only the beginning. Added security is another benefit since a burglar can't simply jimmy the locking system of a garage door when an opener is installed.

Safety features

These machine have come a long way over the years too. Integral safety features are required by law for all opening unites sold. Too many tragic accidents involving small children or the elderly have lead to these safety refinements. No safety features should ever be deliberately circumvented. It could result in serious liability issues if there ever were an accident involving your mechanized garage door if any of the responsible safety features have been tampered with.

Other safety and security refinements include vacation lockout - a switch setting prevents the radio unit from being able to activate the door opener. Your door cannot be open remotely while you're away with this feature activated. Ask yourself this - what happens when you're away for even a day or two and your car sitting in the driveway is broken into. All a thief needs is that remote clamped to the visor, and he's got access to your entire home. Use your vacation lockout even if away for only a short time.

Brand names to look for

Common household brand names include manufacturers like Clopay, Chamberlain, Genie, Sears, Stanly and Wayne Dalton. Chamberlain manufactures garage door openers for many other brand names like Craftsman, and LiftMaster. Genie makes available a wide array of door opener units and replacement parts and accessories.

Drive types

Garage door openers are compatible with both lift-up and roll-up style garage doors. But there's also different drive types available for your preference. The most common types of unit is the chain drive type. A metal chain, similar to a bicycle chain (only much longer) is used to move a carriage forward to the closed position, or back to the open position.

Similar in operation, screw drive systems use a rotating threaded rod to motivate a carriage forward and backwards, closed to open. This type of unit makes less noise, which might not be important, but it's also less subject to derailing, which can happen with chain drive units after the chain stretches over the years.


Installation of a residential garage door opener can be done by anyone with tool aptitude. Following the provided instructions will insure an install that is safe and accessible by all adults, while avoiding mishaps. For example, bumping ones head against a drive unit that hangs down too low would be an annoyance. Or a wall mount opener button within a child's reach could spell a disaster for any number of obvious reasons.


There's a lot of things to like about residential garage door openers, and we've only touched the surface so far. Much more detailed information lies ahead.