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Steel overhead garage door installation

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Oh happy day. Your crummy old wood garage door is going to be replaced with a nice new steel roll-up overhead door.

If you're reading this, you're probably in need of a new door for your garage. Any project like this comes with a lot of questions. This website is written to address whatever point in the process you might be in while getting a new door for your garage. Perhaps some new questions you want to ask your prospective door installer will come to mind - and that cant be a bad thing.

Once you've gone through this virtual process, I hope you will feel even more comfortable that your decisions have been made with thorough understanding of options, and that any surprises will be kept to a minimum. By reviewing this site before you begin, you can avoid some of the 'learn as you go' process that can bring surprises - won't that be good.

Note that this site is not an advertisement for these products named here. Names are given strictly for informational purpose - It's always helpful to have heard of these names when talking to different door installers.

Lets get started.

Perhaps just getting started is the biggest stumbling block to getting that old door replaced with a new steel overhead door. If you have any interest in home improvement, it really pays to go to some your local home improvement shows. You get to see all the amazing new processes and  products for all kinds of things around your home - things that might have been in the back of your mind for a while - off topic, but there are some amazing rain gutter guard systems these days.

 old wood garage door  old door prior to new steel overhead garage door installation

Any home improvement show will have a few garage door installation companies. As you talk with each one of them and figure out which ones actually listen to you, and answer your preliminary questions. Some will have a combination door and opener with price. While others will give you options of door brand - Clopay, Wayne Dalton, Amarr, Stanley, Martin, and Raynor. Along with door opener brands like Liftmaster, Stanley,  Genie, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Sears.

Coupons can be another incentive to be on the lookout for at home shows - for any future project, including your door project. Companies will offer coupons to get new leads at home shows. These can be quite valuable too, and should be factored into the final decision when cost is considered.

You may prefer to pick the door and opener yourself, or you may prefer the pre packaged installation deal. Either way talk to all the vendors at the show, pick your favorite 2 or 3, and ask them to come to your home for a formal written quote - that last part is important as you'll see shortly.

What ever you do, forget about those el-cheap-o offers. They're probably all over your local news paper too - "Brand new garage door installed for just $699". But does that include removal and haul away of the old door? What about liability issues. What if the installer buggers up your house? Or worse - what if he's casing your house. What if he gets hurt on the job? What if your contractor supplies and installs the door and parts, but never pays the supplier - guess who gets to pay twice - that's right - you do. Just forget about those offers.

That's it - all there is to it. Read on for a lot more interesting details on this part of the process. The menu on the left outlines the process in detail. But it's just that easy to get started on a new roll-up overhead garage door.

Lets get started with a few pictures of the old wood overhead garge door.




Garage door outside left
Garage door outside right
Garage door inside
Garage door outside right 2

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