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    Your overhead door openers are just as important as your overhead garage doors.

    Without your openers, you will not be able to easily lift open your overhead garage doors.

    But what exactly is a garage door opener?

    Well, for those who do not know, a garage door opener is a mechanism that allows your overhead doors to lift open and close with just a click of a button.

    Thanks to these, you will not have to manually exert force just to open your garage doors.

    This is why overhead door openers are considered somewhat of a necessity for all garage door owners.

    However, your openers are not exempted from the fact that they will eventually have to break down over time.

    And when this happens, you will eventually have the need for garage door opener installation and repair services.

    Why do you have to replace your overhead door openers?

    As previously mentioned, your overhead garage doors will not be able to last and stay with you forever.

    Eventually, there will come a time that it will have to be replaced.

    However, aside from this reason, what other possible causes are there which will lead to you having to replace your overhead door openers?

    Well, here are some of the other reasons why you will eventually want to replace your overhead door openers:

    • You have a very old garage door opener
    • Your opener experiences a lot of troubles and breakdowns
    • There are a lot of unnecessary noises coming from your opener
    • Safety-related concerns
    • You want to upgrade to the latest model that offers better safety features

    There are a lot more other reasons which will possibly push you to get garage door opener installation services.

    Depending on the era and your personal needs, these reasons can vary from person to person.

    What are your garage door opener options?

    If you are seemingly new to all this, then you are probably wondering what options are there for you to choose from and what do they have to offer.

    And that is what we are here to answer.

    There are a lot of different types of overhead door openers available in the market nowadays.

    Depending on what you need, a specific type of opener might end up more advantageous over the rest.

    Here are the different garage door opener types from which you can choose from:

    • Chain-drive overhead door openers
    • Belt-drive overhead door openers
    • Direct-drive overhead door openers

    Chain drive overhead door openers function by having a chain attached to a pulley.

    When the opener’s motors start working, your chains function like belts, and they lift your garage doors open and close.

    They can be a bit loud when operating however a lot of individuals prefer them as they are the most affordable one among all the other choices.

    Belt drive overhead door openers function like chain drive openers, but they use belts instead of chains.

    They cost a bit more than chain drive overhead door openers

    However, even if they are pricier, these openers are great choices for some individuals as they are quieter than chain-drive openers during operation.

    Lastly, direct-drive overhead door openers function by having the motor directly connected to your garage doors.

    They are connected directly to your springs,  making it possible for your doors to lift open and close.

    They are the most expensive option among the different types but they are also really quiet when in operation and can be maintained quite easily.

    How to install a garage door opener

    If you are planning to provide garage door installation services for your own garage doors, then here are some steps that you can follow and refer to.

    1. Prepare everything that you will need for the tasks. (Equipment and tools, opener assembly instructions, opener components, etc.)

    2. First assemble the rail with the trolley.

    3. After you have assembled the rail, attach the rail to your opener’s motor unit.

    4. If you are using a belt-type or chain-type opener, set up the chain and have it installed on your opener.

    5. Attach the head bracket support.

    6. Once the support is set in place, you may now mount your opener to your garage’s ceiling.

    7. Connect your garage door’s bracket and arm to the opener.

    8. Install the necessary components such as your wall-mounted switch and others.

    9. Program your new garage door opener’s settings.

    10. Assess and confirm if your door is functioning as it should with your new garage door opener.

    If the steps above seem to be a bit unclear to you, you may refer to DIY tutorials online or on this video to help you successfully carry out the task.

    Choosing Las Vegas Garage Doors Steel

    Installing your overhead door openers by yourself requires time and effort.

    You need to be able to do everything properly and perfectly in order to get the job done without any problems arising.

    You will also need the proper tools and equipment that will help you carry the job.

    Not to mention the danger and risks you are exposing yourself to if the task is not done properly.

    Given all the hassle, it is best you leave garage door opener installation to trained professionals and individuals that are used to the job.

    This way, you are assured that everything is done right the very first time.

    If you are looking to have your garage door installed, then contact our team and we will make sure to help you out.

    Here at Las Vegas Garage Doors Steel, you are assured that you get the best services for the money you are paying for.

    Call us for appointments and any further questions and inquiries. We will always be available to help you out.

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