Commercial Overhead Door Preventive Maintenance Checklist

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    If you are a business owner in Las Vegas, then surely you use commercial garage doors on a daily basis.

    After all, garage doors offer a lot of benefits and use when it comes to commercial purposes.

    And in order to be able to keep using your garage doors, you need to make sure that they are kept functional and well taken care of.

    Thus, making commercial garage door repair and maintenance services necessary.

    There are a lot of things you can possibly do for your garage doors during maintenance.

    From visual inspections to hands-on repairs and testing, there really is no limit to what you can and can’t do.

    But if you are someone that is new to the entire garage door business, you must be wondering what exactly should you do during maintenance.

    However, worry not as we are here to help you out.

    Without further ado, here are some things that you should consider including in your commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist.

    Proper examination of your garage door’s balance

    An unbalanced garage door can result in a lot of problems for your commercial garage doors.

    At worst, it may even result in unwanted accidents and risks in the workplace.

    This is why for a responsible business owner such as yourself, making sure that your garage door is balanced is extremely necessary.

    In order to check your garage door’s balance, the first thing you should do is to disengage your door from your openers.

    This is to prevent unnecessary accidents during the repair process.

    Once this is done, open your garage door manually at least up to halfway up your tracks.

    A properly balanced garage door should be able to easily hold itself in place with ease while an unbalanced one would result in your door either crashing down or snapping open.

    Checking your garage door’s visual condition

    Another activity you should definitely include in your commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist is this.

    Checking your garage door’s visual condition is important in order to easily spot damaged components and the like.

    By doing this, you are able to respond right away to the problem of your garage door before it becomes too late.

    When checking your garage door’s visual condition, make sure that your door is completely closed.

    Once closed, you may then proceed to check individually for any signs of damages on your garage doors

    Cleaning your sensor’s photo eyes

    All garage doors have a safety feature that auto reverses your door whenever it detects any obstructions.

    This is a good feature as it prevents accidents from happening in your place.

    To accomplish this task, all you need to do is clear any debris that you can find on your door’s sensors.

    Once done, make sure to test if the safety feature is functioning properly.

    You can do this by deliberately putting an obstruction along your sensor’s pathway.

    If everything goes well, your door should automatically reverse open once you press the close button and it detects the obstructions.

    Lubricating your garage door’s components

    Lastly, you should also make sure to lubricate all of your garage door’s moving components.

    This is done in order to reduce the amount of friction your door’s components are subjected to.

    By doing this, you can reduce the rate at which your garage door’s different parts are wearing out.

    This can be done by directly applying the lubrication to the concerned component and letting it rest on that area.

    Need commercial garage door maintenance services in Las Vegas?

    There are a lot more other things in which you can include in your commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist.

    The ones mentioned above are only some of those which are extremely worth noting.

    After all, maintenance is not done on a daily basis.

    This means that the mentioned list above would not be enough to totally cover all your garage door’s problems in one sitting.

    Do not make things any harder for yourself and rely on a repair company for maintenance services.

    If you want to have your doors maintained for you, Las Vegas Garage Doors Steel is here to help you out.

    With our years of experience, you are assured that we will be able to provide you with the best maintenance service you can find in Las Vegas.

    All you need to do is relax and wait for our team to get things done for you.

    Book an appointment with us now and see for yourself what our company has to offer.

    Contact us now!

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