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Old Wood garage overhead door beyond repair

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Here's the old wood garage overhead door. It's got a few problems, and I'll bet you recognize some of these. Calling a garage door repair man would be pointless.

* The house had an exterior paint job done a couple years ago, so the paint isn't bad at all. The painters did a good job, caulking all the wood strips that decorate the front of the garage door. Despite this caulking you can see in the below pictures that the strips have still delaminated and will eventually fall off. You may even be able to see the nail that was supposed to hold the strip to the door.

* Also you can see that this wood garage door doesn't even close all the way. It's left adjar at the bottom. This isn't very reassuring for your peace of mind while away from your home. Someone could probably grab a hold of this door and force it open enough from someone small to slide under - walla - you've been broken into without even breaking a window.

This isn't even a matter of adjusting the garage door opener. All garage door openers have a detach lever which leaves to door disconnected from the opener. With the door disconnected from the opener, this door still won't close any more than this. The thing is just a mess.

* This home has it's mail slot in the garage door. Which is very good for security reasons these days, with identity theft what it is, It's reassuring knowing that nobody can get their hands on your mail. But another issue with this garage door and it's adjar alignment, is that sometimes a piece of mail will go through the slot, and slide right out under the door and into the open.

It could be any piece of mail including paycheck or bank statement. And do you think the mail delivery person would take two seconds to slide the mail back under the door with his foot? Not likely.

Wood garage overhead door beyond repair* Then there's the springs. The springs were replaced in the hopes that weak old springs were the cause of the door remaining adjar. The exact same size springs were used, and installed in the exact same way as the old spring - fine.

But would you believe that after installing the new springs, the 1/2 hp craftsman garage door opener was too weak to close the door on its own!

Oh sure a garge door repair main could have adjusted the springs to a different slot making it easier for the old craftsman to close, but what new problems would that cause? Who know how to repair garage doors, the thing is old and in need of replacement not just repair - I did the next best thing - please view pictures below.





Laughable  counter-weight
Garage door outside split1
Garage door outside split2

Ok, when you stop laughing - that's a chunk of cinder block counter-balance weight. With a mason bit, a hole was drilled in the cinder block, and a bolt attached it to the inside of the overhead door - it as an attempt to repair it. The extra weight was just enough to get the garage door opener to be able to close the door against the new springs, at least for a few weeks anyway. It's ridiculous. I have to press the close button, run over to the door, and help it close - but not anymore...