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Removing the old wood overhead garage door

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The first step in the process of installing the new garage door is obviously the removal and haul away of the old wood garage door. I was interested to see how this could be done as a one man job since the old wood door over the garage is probably quite heavy. The pictures below show how he did it.

His truck was equipped with a full size rack. And since the garage is cleared out half way, he just drives the truck part way into the garage so the rack is right under the open door - and begins disassembly. With the garage door in its open position, and the truck rack underneath the open door, he first removes the springs which are now more relaxed with the door in the open position.

Next he'll start removing the hinges, garage springs, and other parts from the framing and once done, the door just drops down a couple of inches onto his rack. From there, he will position the door, and secure it to the rack for haul away. Seems rather obvious now...

This is one of the noisier parts of the door installation process, with a lot of pounding and power tools used. The old springs and hinges are also loaded into the back of his truck to be taken wherever it's taken.

It will be nice to see that old garage door gone. As you saw earlier in this site, no amount of adjustment to the parts or hardware of the old garage door opener would get it to close all the way. Even with the door released from the opener, its solid closed position still left it adjar at the bottom. And the door opener did not have enough strength to close the door at all without extra counter balance that was added to the inside of the door.





Garage door removal outside
Garage door removal inside