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Liftmaster garage door opener installation

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The package included a Liftmaster garage door opener - model 3280. That's a 1/2 horse power machine and should be plenty of power for a door that is installed and adjusted properly.

Earlier in this site I described how the old door didn't close all the way, and the opener didn't have sufficient strength to close the door without a counter weight bolted inside the door. That old craftsman door opener was also 1/2 horse power, but there were so many problems with the garage door adjustments that it was not powerful enough to close that door without professional servicing. But with this new door, properly installed and springs tensioned, it should be no problem for a 1/2 horses power garage door opener getting the job done.

This part of the job takes our installer some time. He has to run all kids of wires to the remote control panel, and to the obstruction sensors. The sensors and remote control panel have to be mounted in the proper locations, wires run, and connected all around.

The main 120v power supply to the opener was available just as it was for the old machine. Power cord length was not an issue, since the location of the new opener is about the same as the old one.

After making all his measurements, our installer starts attaching rails to the garage rafters that will hold the opener in place. This kind of rail has bolt holes all along it's length so getting the opener located in just the right position is easy.

With a framework of rails in place, our installer can mount the opener and assemble the rest of its parts. The door is then connected to the opener with a metal bar, and our installer makes all the adjustments for open and closed stop positions and lift and close strength.

Liftmaster garage door opener installationThe Liftmaster 3280 is a belt driven unit and is very quiet. With everything installed and adjusted it's operation is smooth and quiet. It comes with two wireless remote controls for a two car garage. The remote control panel mounted to the wall inside the garage has a large button for operating the door, a Light button and a Lock button.

The lock button is a security feature for use while you might be out of town, and don't anticipate anyone needing to using the wireless remote control to open the door. This is used instead of a deadbolt.

The Liftmaster 3280 comes with two sockets for light bulbs. Apparently no actual light bulbs are provided by either the manufacturer - Liftmaster or the garage door installation company. So I got gypped on the light bulbs, but I had some spare 75w bulbs laying around that I went ahead and installed, and tested the light button.





Liftmaster garage door opener 3280
Liftmaster garage door linkage

For security reasons, you should adjust the radio frequency that your remotes communicate with the opener on. Otherwise your homes security could be easily compromised. A detailed description of this can be found at garage-door-remote

Overall, and detailed information when looking for a new garage door opener has been distilled into pure useful, no fluff format for you.