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Finding the best price for any roll-up door manufacturer

A new roll-up overhead garage door wasn't the main reason for going to this show, really, a master bathroom remodeling was the main motivation. Bathroom remodels are a lot more complicated so it was nice to actually get something done at this home show visit - the garage door.

Many garage door manufacturers are represented at these shows. Some installers will specialize in one manufacturer over the others. While others will offer a range of manufacturers of garage doors.

We decided to hire one of the contractors that had a package deal - an Amarr Weatherguard roll-up overhead garage door, and a Liftmaster garage door opener model 3280. Note that this site is not an advertisement for these products, names are given strictly for informational purpose.

Even though the price for the package and installation might be quoted up front at the show, an installer should still come out to your site to make a formal written quote. There could be any number of reasons for the standard cost to deviate. A mail slot for example is not standard in most garage doors, and can add as much as $100 to the cost. Or perhaps you prefer a different window or glass style from what is quoted in the package. These things result in small adjustments to the cost, and needs to be specified up front to avoid surprises.

In this example adding a mail slot and changing the glass from clear to obfuscated added only $150 to the cost for a total of $1650. Not a deal breaker by any means, since these are reasonable additions that obviously were not included in the package price quoted at the home show.

Also consider that insulation might be a factor for you. If your garage is insulated from the outside then you will want the garage door to have insulation too. And obviously you don't need to bother with the extra cost if your garage is not insulated, and you never intend to insulate it.

The door panels have options too. Short panel vs. Long panel is most common. This refers to the decorative rectangular patterns built into the door. Short panels being small can make your door look too busy, and a survey of your neighborhood should give a good idea of what's common in your area. Most 2 car garages will have 4 long panel patterns (across) or 8 short panel patterns.

Collect brochures for each garage door, opener and other options you are considering. If it's a  package deal, that should be simple to provide - both door and opener brochures. You'll want to be able to read these over in detail while you're waiting for your garage door install date.

It may seem obvious, but if you don't have everything in writing, you might not get all you expected. With a package deal, make sure your quote includes brand names and models of the garage door, and the garge door opener - shall we say, keep the honest honest.

Also, it's hard to determine which garage door manufacturer is "the best" from a home improvement show, since all installers will claim to work with only "the best". How good of a deal the installer can get from a manufacturer is probably the real deciding factor. But any garage door manufacturer with longevity and a good warranty is probably quite sufficient.

Future garage door service needs will also be a consideration. Every installer will claim to have been in business for umpty-ump years. Check it out though. But other than warranty, it really doesn't matter what installation and service company you call for future door service needs. They're all pretty much the same basic components.