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Sizing up the perfect storage system for your garage

Organization is the key to making your garage an efficient part of the home. It may not get the finest of furnishings or decor, but some decent storage systems is a must for the organization of a garage. Just imagine being able to walk freely into the different spaces of the garage and easily locating whatever item you are in search of.

Garage Storage Systems

Knowing the right storage system for the different storage needs in your garage is the answer to a more organized makeover of this most often neglected area. There are a variety of different ways and different products available to help organize the garage storage space you have available.

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1.  Stackable tubs and containers 

Containers are perfect for keeping items that you will be hanging on to for a long time, but don't need to have access to daily, weekly, monthly or even longer. Mementos of your child's growing up years, old but important papers, even seasonal clothing and blankets are just a small example of what can be stored away in stackable tubs and containers.

Storing these types of items in containers and labeling each will help not only keep the garage uncluttered, but free up more valuable space inside the home where this stuff is currently stored in any manner of organization.

Don't forget to stack containers in order of importance - ie how often you anticipate access to the container will be needed.

2.  Shelves and racks

Shelves and racks are perfect storage option to make room for tools and other items that need to be kept in open view with easy access. Dust, insects, and the elements are not a concern for these items since nor protection is offered from shelves.

Dozens of different shelving unit designs are available for purchase to suit your particular needs. Rack units most commonly come in sizes of 4 feet wide by 2 feet deep, but here again, many other size options are available, but not as common.

Either of these types of storage unite can be found for purchase in any hardware store or home improvement center. But if you just can't seem to find the right size shelves or rack, you can always build something to the garage walls to suit your needs precisely.

3.  Hooks

There's all kinds of hooks that can be used in the garage, and different ways they can be used. One very popular option is to use pegboard hooks and accessories. You may need to install a few sheets of pegboard which is available in 4'x4' and 4'x8' sheets, usually made of a material called MDF.

Pegboard hooks are available in countless configurations and shapes to hang most nay kinds of smaller tool and items that you need quick, easy access to. You can even find pegboard hooks that are designed to provide a lightweight shelving option.

Sometimes plain old hooks are the best way to go. Unwieldy items like bicycles can be a royal pain to store in the garage, but large hooks get the bikes off the ground leaving that space for something else. A pair of hooks mounted at the right distance in the rafters, and within reach allow a bicycle to be hung from the wheels provided the rider can lift the pike into place.

Ladders and other large unwieldy items are another good candidate for storage by rafter hooks, leaving you more floor space all your other treasures like that original 59 283 intake manifold.

4.  Workbenches

A workbench often serves a dual purpose as a storage area. Both purchased and hand made, most of the time, storage space is included. Workbench storage space also goes well with the pegboard options mentioned above, because the pegboard stores tools within easy reach leaving your workspace clear.

They can also be made very compact to conserve space, or they can occupy as much space as needed providing the maximum amount of storage space available for the area.


Deciding the different garage storage systems available needn't be one or the other - different system for different need in different areas of the garage. There are also some very elaborate storage systems available from specialized vendors if you can afford them.