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Garage organization & storage system for your garage

Making the most of limited space available

and increasing storage space with better organization

Most garage owners store so much stuff in there that the car doesn't stand a chance at fitting in. All sorts of stuff such as tools, equipment, or old toys and books block the way. In short, it becomes more of a store room than car shelter.

Some commercial garage organizer products do a great job of providing a place for the usual items found in the garage. Use of garage organizer products is highly recommended for making the organizing task easier.

But for many of the things we need to find storage space for, there's a few tips and techniques worth mentioning.garage organizer

1. Keeping it clean

Some people use their homes garage for its intended purpose - for storing the car. Protecting the car from the elements of wether and local nare-do-well.

When used to house a car, the garage needs to be kept clean of the clutter that will otherwise occupy too much space. Often times, a small inexpensive storage shed installed on the property is all that is needed to leave sufficient room for the family car, while still providing a place for the 'stuff' that needs protecting from the elements.

2. Grouping Together

Logical grouping of items is an essential skill to ensure that items can be found when someone goes searching for them.

Similar types items can be grouped together for easy finding later on. For example, you could keep all your financial papers and folders in banker boxes in a specific storage area. Separate these from the tools and other equipment stored in a logically organized fashion.

If possible, store the items in a container with a label - especially things with sentimental value - those things that preserve memories. Old toys, for example, will last longer if kept away from dust and dirt, and if labeled properly, containers don't need to be opened every time you go looking for something.

3. Keeping withing reach

Some items stored in the garage will need to be kept easily accessible. It's best to store these where they can be visually spotted with ease, and reached with little or no effort. Pegboard is an easy thing to install on walls, and there are dozens of pegboard hangers available for all your items that need hanging.

Containers of lesser used items can be kept in hidden spots such as the garage rafters, under a workbench, an attic or crawlspace. Items that can be dangerous to children are good candidates for these types of spots too.

Helpful Tips to Organize the Garage

Here's a few more tips for maintaining a well organized garage

• Tools should be kept in a toolbox or a section of pegboard. Nothing is worse than being unable to find a tool that's right in front of your eyes because of all the mess.

•  Install overhead storing space. This is a good spot to keep the larger items, or tubs filled with smaller items that would otherwise occupy much ground space. Simply nailing some plywood sheets in the rafters is a great way to gain space.

• Decide how often items need to be accessed, and store accordingly. For example, yearly Christmas decorations should be more easily accessible than longer term items like mementos or keepsakes.

• Learn to let go of some items that are not really needed. This can be a good opportunity to make a few bucks on a garage sale.

• Always clean as you go - keep the garage clean as you use the area.

• Follow a regular schedule for cleaning out the garage. Don't just set it and forget it. A spring and fall cleaning will go a long way to keeping the garage organized and accessible.


A well organized garage makes it easier to move around, saves time and effort finding things, and reduces the likelihood of accidents or injury. Coming up with a good organization system will definitely help in making this part of the house a valuable, headache free room.