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Garage organization - preparing for the new garage door

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Getting your garage organized and prepared for the new roll-up garage door installation can take some time depending on how cluttered your garage is. Stuff will have to be cleared up, so for this reason, it's good to know what week to expect your garage door installation.

Knowing what week to expect your garage door installation means your garage stuff isn't left outside, or wherever for a few weeks while you wait for the installation company to call with an installation date. Unfortunately, I had to call my installer since they weren't in a hurry to call me. 

Boats or project cars will have to be cleared out of the garage. The floor should be clear for about half way back. This includes anything hanging like bicycles, life vests for the boat, or whatever.

The same is true for your workbench. The workers will need to be able to stand on it during the door installation. So you'll need to organize the surface of your workbench if you have one - again to about half way back. If your garage does not have a workbench, you might consider getting one. A garage workbench can be a great help in organizing the garage.

Any shelving units lining the garage will need to be cleared off the top shelf too to make room for installers to work on the roll-up door rails.

You might even need to permanently move overhead lighting systems, or at least adjust the height or location.

When garage door installation companies come out to bid on your job, they will tell you everything they need cleared out, and for how far back into your garage. But the above advice is general - your experience might require more clearing or less.

Another thing about this - think of it as an opportunity for garage organization. Organize or clear out the clutter that's been collecting in your garage for years and years. You'll be able to sweep out areas that haven't been swept in years - perhaps even decades? Think of all the goodies you'll find that you thought you lost. On the other hand, there could even be some unpleasant discoveries too.

Another opportunity once your garage organization is complete, if you want to take things a little further, is to consider some garage floor maintenance or one of those coating systems that look oh-so nice. But that's the kind of thing you do when you move into a new place and the garage is empty. There's lots of good things that can come with clearing out the garage - and now you have a reason to - your new roll-up garage door.

And of course, many of us use some garage space is for household storage space too. Good organization can go a long way to efficient use of the of garage storage space avaialble. Organized storage can make the difference between a sane system where you are able to find what you need, and a mess of stuff that you can never find when you need it. For more on garage organizer systems and tips.

One last word on garage organization. Do be careful not to tangle with any black widow spiders or whatever critters live in garages in your area. In the San Jose Bay Area, black widow spiders are very common. It can hurt if they bite you, and you might wind up with a big nasty welt that needs medical attention - or worse.





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