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Things to Know about Your Garage Floor 

Keeping a house is a big challenge for the most modern-age man or woman especially in a world that seems to grow busier each and every day. Perhaps the most challenging part of a house to maintain is the garage, particularly the garage floor. Garage floors tend to collect sawdust, and any other type of debris of unknown origins?

Why is it important to maintain the garage floor?

The idea may sound silly - why anyone need to maintain the garage floor, when the garages main purpose is to as a repository for parked vehicles or other stuff that doesn't belong inside the house. However, the garage is still very much a part of the house as your kitchen or your bedroom, which means it does deserve some attention at one time or another.

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Ignoring your garage and your garage floor could lead to annoying or even costly problems in the future.

An unkempt garage can be a source or breeding ground for pests, especially if pet food is stored there. A dirty or oily garage floor could also become slippery and slimy to become an accident hazard. Fortunately, there are some excellent garage floor coating and covering systems available for purchase.

Why the need for such attention to the garage floor?

The garage and its floor primarily needs your attention because you probably do not pay attention to it at all, until it is too late - i.e. unsightly oil stains or cracks from moisture and temperature extremes. And since your garage, and its floor an integral part of your home, protecting against damage is important.

Garages and garage floors usually have rough finishes or no finish at all. This makes them quite attractive to dirt and damage. They are usually made of plain concrete which is very susceptible to staining, cracking, and other damages. Add to this the abuse that they are subject to and you have a part of a house that is so difficult to maintain.

Here are some tips in maintaining you garage floor in good condition.

1.  Before doing the major dirt and grime busting, first remove the loose dirt and dust by sweeping them with any handy broom. It's more difficult to do the major stuff without getting up the dirty surface floor material first. By sweeping loose material, you are almost halfway done cleaning and maintaining your garage floor.

2. You can use kitty litter to help make the sweeping process easier. Pour kitty litter over the area evenly to absorb excess grime and oil before sweeping.

3. Scrub the entire floor area using stiff brushes and a strong detergent with degreasing element to remove stubborn grime, and oil stain. Rinse the floor well to remove the dirty cleaning matter. Afterwards, clean the entire garage floor again using the same cleaner, but this time, do it with a push broom.

4. If the dirt in your garage floor is quite stubborn and hard to clean using degreasers, you may want to try using muriatic acid, but use it with great caution. Wear a respirator and be sure that the area is well ventilated. Dilute 12 ounces of muriatic acid (32% solution) with a gallon of water and use gloves to keep the solution away from direct contact with skin.

Maintaining the garage floor can indeed be a daunting task but if you know how to do it, you can easily show pride whenever anyone sees the area. A clean garage floor is something to behold. The next step is to consider some coating systems to really protect the garage floor surface.


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