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Garage door safety & security

Garage doors when accompanied with an automatic garage door opener are a terrific convenience. In the old days, you would arrive home and have to step out into the rain to open the door and park your car inside. With the advent of the automatic garage door opener, those inconveniences and many others are eliminated.

But there are some issues regarding safety and security to be aware of, especially in a household with frail folks or children. Even if your home is free of children, there's always the neighbors nuisance kids, for which you coud be held liable in the event of an accident.

Pinch resistance, or anti pinch are some important features for overhead roll up garage doors. This feature helps prevent fingers from being injured in the gap between the garage door panels during the close cycle.

Garage door openers designed for the personal residence have been required to meet Underwriters Laboratories specification 325 since 1993. UL325 specifies guidelines for many other things like self closing gates - which are not required to adhere to UL325 by law like garage door openers are.

Keep in mind if you intend to sell a home with an older garage opener, it's adherence to UL325 will be noted on the inspection. Openers are so cheap, you should consider replacing it before you even call the real estate agent. That will provide protection from having to do it pending the sale.

These safety efforts are evident in a number of ways - a garage door safety sensor watches for obstructions at floor level - and auto-reverses the garage door if the sensor beam is broken during the close cycle. A child or elderly person tripping the beam will not be clobbered in the head.

Pressure related auto-reverse is a required safety feature on new garage door openers. This prevents squashing of objects or people who might be in the way of the door closing. Anyone with an older flip-up garage door knows what happens when parking too close to the garage - the door comes down and bumps the hood of the vehicle. The door doesn't continue to crush down until something breaks, it automatically reverses to the secure open position.

In conclusion, garage door safety is important for home resale and for keeping people safe. If you have an older garage door or opener, it might be worth replacing either or both. It's really not that expensive. Your familys security and protection could benefit from it.


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