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Garage Door Remote Control Security

Security can be an issue with your garage door remote control - many of these remotes have a range of different radio frequencies they can use to communicate with the opener unit. This is a safety feature offering protection against authorized access. These frequencies are often adjusted using tiny switches (actually called dip switches).

Dip switches are a small plastic block (usually colored red or blue) with tiny white numbered switch levers (8 or 10) in either an up or down position. There will be a dip switch block on both the remote and the opener unit. The up / down pattern on both dip switches must match in order for the remote and the controller to communicate.

You will need to open the remote in order to get to the dip switches. Either in the battery compartment, or by removing the screws holding the remote together. The dip switch on the opener should be plainly visible. Mix the switch pattern up on the remote, and match the pattern on the opener, and everything should communicate just fine.

If the patterns are the same on both the remote and the opener, and it fails to work, the usual advice applies - check the batteries in the remote, and make sure the opener is actually plugged in. If all else fails, refer to the manual.

For security reasons, you should not accept the switch settings provided by the installer. He basically knows exactly how to gain entrance to your garage simply by knowing your switch pattern. So as soon as you have the chance, go ahead and mix things up - changing the up/down patterns on your wireless remotes, and set the matching pattern on the opener unit too - test and rest assured.

If you do the garage door opener installation yourself, go ahead and make the same adjustments. Don't just accept the factory default settings - Anyone could take a compatible remote with factory settings, drive down your street, and click until they find a sucker whose door opens.

The same advise holds for anyone buying or renting a new or used home. It's like changing a lock - you guarantee you are the only one with access, and it doesn't cost you a cent to make the change. Your safety and protection are easy to ensure.


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