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Each of the many involved a garage door opener installation has it's job to do. The main part that makes it all work is the motor - without that the door would have to be opened manually. These motors generally do not have to be very powerful since a properly installed and maintained garage door should be well counterbalanced with springs. The motor has relatively little heavy lifting to do.


Some of the parts that are needed for a garage door opener to run smoothly must be fitted when the door is installed as part of the process. Although they can be retrofitted to existing doors in most circumstances, an installation that includes both a door, an opener, and all its parts usually results in the smoothest operating assembly.


One big reason why all the parts benefit from being installed at the same time, is the balance issues discussed above. This makes the pairing of the garage door opener with the door and spring important part if the install.


The garage door opener drive system can be belt driven, screw driven or chain driven and these days, the belt drive unit is the most popular due to the quietness of operation.


The chain driven openers are often used for heavy double doors, made from heavy steel sections that are too heavy for a belt drive. They are also less expensive than belt drives but noisier. Screw drives are not often used any more, but they are useful if a door is solid and very heavy since screw drive style units can pull a lot of leverage compared to the other drives.


In either type of garage door opener, one common integral part of the machine is the trolley - it runs along the track and is attached to the top of the door. Apart from the screws and fixings, and various lighting options, there is nothing else involved apart from the door parts and the controllers.


One final opener part worth mention is the remote control. This is a pretty important part of the entire assembly. The best controllers generate a new code every time the door is opened. This maintains security against anybody electronically sniffing the codes and gaining unauthorized access to your garage.


The garage door opener parts are mostly the same no matter what model of opener you purchase. They differ in design and quality, but function wise, they don't differ much. Whatever you choose, unless you have been well trained, you are advised to have your garage door opener fitted by a professional.


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